May 30, 2013

The L Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I love getting to work with so many wonderful families through my photography work.

I grew up in a town of 1,200 in the Midwest, so Austin is huge to me.  But I really feel like my neighborhood here in big ol' Austin is like my "little town in a big city."  Familiar faces, familiar places, and so many sweet families and kiddos all around. 

The L Family first heard about me when I was doing pictures of Santa and the kiddos in my neighborhood (click here for some of that cuteness).  It was so fun working with them for one of my Wildflower Mini-Sessions this spring!

What a sweet family they were, and these kiddos were so much fun to work with!  They really made me excited for my own kiddos to be these ages.  That will be them in just 2 years.  Wow. 

Enjoy a sneak peek into our evening session together!

We even got to dance in the rain a bit at the very end.  :)  

May 29, 2013

Last Chance for May Specials (Digital Images from 2011/2012 & CDC Individual Pics + Cake Smash Special)

Wow... and just like that we are almost to June!

There are 3 specials that are coming to a close at the end of this month.

1) Cake Smash Special: 4 free digital images PLUS a free wall collage!
Click here for details on how you can double the sweetness and double the value!

2) HALF off sale on digital files from the individual portraits I did at the Child Development Center in Fall 2012.  (See details below.)

3) BIG sale on digital files from any 2011 or 2012 portrait session!  We will be deleting most of them from our hard drives next month, so if there were some that you wanted, now is the time.  (See details below.)

HALF off digital sale - Details:
  • Sale ends May 31st 
  • Must purchase a minimum of 2 digital images
  • Includes images on CD and a print release so you may print images any way you wish. 
  • Digital images 1/2 off:  
    • 2 images for $75 + tax
    • $37.50 + tax per image after that
    • Payment is available by check or credit card over the phone. 
If interested, email me with the following info by May 31:  
  1. Your name and phone number (in case I have questions)
  2. Your child's name (first and last) 
  3. Brief description of your child and what he/she was wearing in pictures (ex: blonde, blue eyes, white dress) 
  4. What images you would like (If you don't remember, I can post a 12-hour gallery to view and make selections)
  5. How you would like to pay (check or credit card by phone)

We are clearing space on our external hard drives and June 1st, we will be removing images from 2011 and 2012 sessions.  Because of that, we are offering a huge sale through May 31st on digital images from2011 and 2012 sessions!

Digital Sale Details for 2011/2012 Sessions: 
  • Sale ends May 31st  
  • Images are 30% off regular digital prices! 
  • Must purchase a minimum of 5 digital images.   
  • Includes images on CD and a print release so you may print images.
  • Payment is available by credit card over the phone - or - by check if you are able to drop it off within 3 days of placing order. 
If interested, please email me ASAP (by May 31st) with the following and I will email you with details.  (ex: how many images you have to choose from, pricing info, etc.)
  1. Your name and phone number
  2. How many images you think you are interested in
    (ex: 5, 10, all images)

May 27, 2013

NEW! Artful Word Products

Oh how I am just loving this new product that I am offering my clients!

Pick your favorite pose and then choose a beautiful saying, select the perfect size for your print or canvas gallery wrap (my fave!), and wallah... you have a beautiful memory to enjoy forever.

Here are just a few of our options.  Colors are customizable.  Contact us for pricing info.

May 20, 2013

Sweet Newborn Landon {Austin Newborn Photographer}

I am way behind on blogging all of this newborn session's adorable-ness.  I just love photographing newborns.  Not only because they are adorable, squishy, and teeny tiny... but also because their new parents are absolutely, positively, completely in love with them.  And I often forget (because the newborn love endorphins are so high that first two weeks) that my newborn parents haven't had much sleep in the last week or two of their lives.  They always look so good on picture day!

Landon's mama contacted me after he was born, and I'm so glad I had a spot on my calendar because this family was an absolute gem to work with.  Landon's daddy absolutely adores his mommy, and they both completely adored little Landon.  What a sweet gift his little life is, and I know his parents are just loving their new role as "Mom" and "Dad."

And I also know they are loving their prints, canvas gallery wraps and adorable double stack frame... my favorite products! (We customized the double stack frame to match the colors of the image they chose for it.)

Enjoy a look into the cuteness of our morning together.  And Landon officially takes the cake as my biggest newborn... he was over 9.5 pounds at birth!  So by the time we did his session at two and a half weeks of age, he was probably a ten pounder.  Love it!

P.S. - That smile below was his first "official" smile, and we caught it on camera!

I love how he looked right up at his parents when they kissed.  Precious!

The M Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I met The M Family because both D & J are Doctors at the OB/Gyn offices that I will soon be outfitting with canvas displays of my portrait work. 

First of all, can I just say how amazing their color choices were?!  I just love how they coordinated, but weren't too matchy-matchy.  This mama did a great job choosing outfits!  In the consultation, I give my clients some "What to Wear" tips, but she knocked it out of the park!  (This session will definitely be added to that "What to Wear" info. I give future clients.)

And second of all, it was just so obvious how much this little family of four loves one another.  I think we captured that just as they are on camera.  I even brought two of my superheroes along because their mama mentioned they loved superheroes in their client paperwork.  What sweet smiles these two little guys have!  To celebrate them doing so well in our session, their parents let them roll down the hill AND they got to wear their superhero costumes the rest of the day!  

I love how these turned out, and I hope the M Family is enjoying these images on their walls at home.   I definitely see some canvases in the OB office from this session happening in the future.  :)  

The B Family... Take III {Austin Family Photographer}

One of the best parts of being the photographer behind the lens of Miles of Smiles Photography is meeting and working with such wonderful families and watching their families grow.  And being able to document that on camera for them to have forever... that is priceless and something I just adore.

I first met The B Family when we did R's maternity session last fall.

And then I got to work with them when baby Paige arrived.  Can you believe her amazing head of hair?!  I seriously had to style it with every headband change.  Her newborn session is one of my favorites to date.  And oh does her brother just adore her.  (Click here for all that cuteness!)

And now I enjoyed working with them about six months later.  Aren't they just perfect together?

I love their clothing choice as well.  You know me... peacocks are my favorite color combination ever.

The W Family {Austin Family Photographer}

The W Family was so sweet.   I love the colors they chose!

And I must say... these two little ones really made being a twin look fun.  When we were shooting the images of them on the little suitcase, I said, "Is it fun being twins?"  They both smiled, snuggled in a little closer to one another, and said, "YA... we even get to share presents!"  I love, love, love the sweet spirit of little ones.

Here is a sneak peek into our morning together.

The R Family {Austin Family Photographer}

As I am blogging all of these family portrait sessions from my ARC-South OB project, I am realizing why the month of April was so busy!  I had fun working with all 17 families.

Here is a sneak peek into the R Family's session.  Enjoy!

The S Gals {Austin Family Photographer}

When I met M & S, they had just returned from a weekend outing with a large group of Girl Scouts.  And little M was still excited from it.  She was so sweet and silly!

This mother and daughter combination made me laugh... they were so loving and so funny together.  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.

The G Family {Austin Family Photographer}

These two little girls were so cute together.  I can tell they are not only sisters, but also best little friends.  Here is a sneak peek into the adorable G Family's session.

May 17, 2013

WILDFLOWER Mini-Sessions {Austin Family Photographer}

I do love bluebonnets, but I think I love the beautiful red and yellow flowers even more!  And they are popping up everywhere right now, so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a few mini-sessions.  One night only.

What: 20-minute mini-sessions in a field full of beautiful red and yellow flowers in South Austin!
(Near MoPac and Slaughter Ln) 

Date: Tuesday, May 21st

6:05-6:25pm - filled 
 6:55-7:15pm - filled

Package 1: $220 + tax
Includes a 20-minute mini-session, 4 high-resolution and edited images on CD, and a print release. 

Package 2: $300 + tax:
  • 20-minute mini-session
  • 8 high-resolution and edited digital images on CD and a print release
  • An online gallery to share with friends and family
  • PLUS a FREE 11x14 mounted wall portrait and FREE Facebook share images!!
  • Valued at over $550! 
Contact me ASAP to set up your session and reserve your spot.  

  • These mini-sessions are for couples, children or families up to 5 people.  $15/person over that.
  • Paperwork and payment are due to secure your spot.  
  • Your image CD, print release, and free 11x14 mounted wall print will be available for pickup 3 weeks after our session together.  I will post sneak peeks on the "Miles of Smiles Photography by Sarah" Facebook page,  and blog, so be sure to follow us there.  

The E Family {Austin Family Photographer}

Sweet little Z had me smiling from the minute we met.  What a doll she is! 

I love working with families and seeing how much they really love one another.  These two are completely in love with their baby girl.

And did they pick amazing colors or what?!  Great job, E Family!  I hope you love the way your portraits turned out, and that they bring many smiles to you over the years as Z grows.

The Ch Family {Austin Family Photographer}

As I have watched my own son become a big brother a year ago and really love that role, it just amazes me how much he loves his "Sissy."  We walked in her room yesterday at preschool to pick her up, and as she crawled toward him with excitement, he said, "Hey Precious.  I love you sweet girl!" My heart = melted. 

This big brother was awesome too.  I can tell he is a big help with his little brother, and that his little brother absolutely adores him.  What a nice little family of four they are!  Here is a peek into our morning.

The C Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I met T because she is a Doctor at the OB/Gyn offices that I will soon be outfitting with canvas displays of my portrait work.  They were such a sweet family to work with.  Enjoy a little look into our session together.

May 16, 2013

The B Family {Austin Family Photographer}

You may remember Sweet Pea from this session (click here for a whole lot of cuteness).  I absolutely loved her dress.  The colors of it match my logo and branding perfectly! 

Well, about a week after our first mini-session that captured M in her adorable little Easter dress, I got to do a mini-session with both M and her mama.  And I have to say, M's mom takes the award for most ah-mazing shoes at any session.  She is so stylish! 

Enjoy a sneak peek into our mini-session together.  I'm loving the reds and blacks that are accessorized with the greens and pretty yellow flowers out at my favorite spot. 

The B Family {Austin Family Photographer}

The B Family was so great to work with.  I tell you what... doing a session with one 11-year old child (vs. my own babies (3 and 1)) is like a cake walk for this girl.

This guy was so sweet, and I told his mom that he really made 11 look like a fun age for a mother of a son.  She laughed and said, "It is SO easy compared to when he was tiny!"  It's hard to believe my own little guy will be big like this one day, but I know it will happen before I know it.

B Family: Enjoy your portraits!  It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to getting some images up from that weekend's mini-sessions in my displays at Austin Regional Clinic - South OB!

OB/GYN Offices and The T Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I am SO excited to be expanding my canvas gallery wall displays to a second OB/GYN practice here in Austin!  I tell you what... every time I walk into the exam rooms in North Austin (Renaissance Women's Group - Dr. Mills and Montalvo's office) and see my images, my heart skips a beat.  Such an honor.  And I'm so glad that my images make waiting in those rooms a little more fun for the patients.

This summer, I will be outfitting Austin Regional Clinic - South OB's office and exam rooms with canvas gallery displays.  And I thought that some of those displays should be of actual ARC - South OB families.  So I have been very busy the last few weeks doing about 20 mini-sessions for the wonderful families of ARC-South OB. 

The T Family kicked off a busy weekend of mini-sessions.  Didn't they ROCK their colors?!  I tell you what... I love color.  And I love when my clients wear pops of color.  Way to go, T's!  I so enjoyed working with them.  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.

May 10, 2013

The D Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I met the D Family because this mama saw my portraits on the walls at Renaissance Women's Group OB/GYN Offices.  After first talking, it turns out we share the same doctor, and we both mentioned that we almost wanted to have a third baby just so we can see that doctor again because she's so great.  (Almost.)

What a sweet family they are.  I love getting to know my clients over the phone, learning about their vision for our portrait session, and then bringing it to life through my camera.  And that is just what we did here.

As a mom, C was nervous before the session.  I reassured her that was normal.  (My own family has portraits tomorrow, and I'm nervous myself.  There are so many variables, and as mamas, we just want adorable family and child portraits.  The outfits, will the children behave, will the husband get bored?)  I told her it would be great, we would have some fun, and get great shots in the process.  Morning of, she called me and said that her little man was refusing to get dressed.  But they showed up ready to go, I worked a few of my kiddo tricks, and the session went down in my books as one of my favorites of all time.

I just love Austin.  And I love photographing families in Austin.  There is just something about that beautiful Austin skyline and amazing colors woven into a portrait session that makes my heart sing.  I can't wait to get the D Family their beautiful canvas gallery wraps, prints, frames, and images.  Love, love, love.  

Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning together.  And if you're wanting to book a portrait session, don't delay... I only have about 6 spots left through August.  And then comes the super busy fall season.  So it's never too early to get on my calendar.  Visit for info.

May 03, 2013

Mother's Day + A Gift of Family Portraits... The Perfect Gift

I don't know if you are like me, but there are few things (if any?) that I love to display on the walls of my home more than pictures of my smiling children.  I know that as a mother, I walk past them daily and they just give me warm fuzzies.  (Even if I might be walking by those pictures carrying an overflowing basket of laundry that needs to be folded!)  

Babies grow so quickly into toddlers... toddlers into big boys/girls... and then right into teenagers.  It's crazy how quickly time flies, and I just love freezing little moments in time that my clients can enjoy for many years to come.

Mother's Day is coming soon!  Get the mother in your life a special gift of family portraits.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  (I mean, a portrait lasts forever.  Roses, a massage, or candy lasts only a short time.)  Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be customized.  Order by May 7th to receive yours by Mother's Day. Contact me at 

May 01, 2013

Miss Amelia's Cake Smash Cuteness {Austin Family Photographer}

Oh my, how I adore cake smash sessions.  Especially with sweet baby girls like Amelia, who has cheeks and "cankles" (chubby little legs flowing into ankles) rivaling my own baby girl's (who just turned one too)!!  What a doll Amelia is.

I first met Amelia when I did individual portraits of all 250 kiddos at a school here last fall (image below).  She was just a tiny thing back then, but so smiley, and with such long eyelashes.  Isn't she a precious little thing?

When her mommy contacted me to do a first birthday cake smash, I couldn't wait!  (She took advantage of my Cake Smash Special - click here.  Awesome deal, and there are still a few spots remaining! (as of May 1st, 2013.  Contact me for availability.)

The session was so much fun!  We started out with some regular portraits and the smiles were flowing.  Then, her mama put on a tutu that her friends had made her at her baby shower before Amelia was born.  And then we brought out the cake.  And smashed it.  The rest is history!

I love finishing up my cake smash sessions with a bath and bubbles, and so do the babies! 

 To Amelia and her mama: You gals were so much fun to work with.  Hope you love your images of your baby girl.  It has been fun watching her grow!