November 15, 2014

Black Friday SALES - 2014!

Due to some upcoming fun where I will hopefully be unplugging from my computer most of the time, my Black Friday sales are coming a little early this year.  Maybe I'll start a new thing and call it "Turquoise Tuesday Sales" or something.  You know my love of turquoise... 

Anyhow... here are the sales I am offering this year.  Grab some goodness while the sales last!!

Sale 1: Ends 11.24.14 (Monday)!  {For new bookings only.}
 FAQs: "What is a Mounted Wall Print?"  It is a print that is given a mounting/durable backing that makes it last 100+ years.  It is beautiful, colors are vibrant, and it is ready to be framed (with or without glass).  {A paper print will bend, rip, and buckle, but when mounted, it will not.}  Even with the backing/mounting, it will fit in a regular frame just as a paper print would.  If you have any questions about Sale 1, be sure to email me by 11.24, as the sale ends that day.  

 Sale 2: Ends 11.29.14 (Saturday)!

November 07, 2014

Shea is ONE! Cake Smash Session {Austin Baby Photographer}

Beautiful baby.  Adorable in every way.  And a mama who brought some of THE cutest things I've seen to date in a Cake Smash.

That is a recipe for one of my favorite Cake Smash sessions at the studio!  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.