September 25, 2012

The L Family... Take 2 {Austin Family Photographer}

I feel so privileged to get to serve so many wonderful families with my photography, and even more honored when I get to watch their children grow and do their family portraits year after year.

Here is the L family last year (click here).  And here they are this year.  They are such a sweet family of four, and it has been fun watching their adorable baby girls grow!

September 22, 2012

Pint Sized Perfection - K's Newborn Session {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Little K's mama contacted me in early June to set up her newborn session.  I was so looking forward to meeting the family and working with little K.  I feel like I really get to know my clients on the phone and through email prior to the sessions, so it is always a treat to actually meet them face to face. 

I got an email about three weeks before our session saying K had a schedule of her own and was born that morning!  So we pushed up the date of the session, and oh my - was K the most perfect little girl to work with.  She was right around 7 pounds, and slept almost the entire time.  She even gave us some big smiles!  Her big brother was so proud of his new baby sister, and he reminded me so much of my own little guy when his baby sis was born.  They even look very similar!

I just love how the K family's images came out, and am so blessed to get to capture such sweet and special moments like this for the families I get to serve.  Little K had already changed a lot in the time between the newborn session and our ordering appointment.  They grow so fast! 

Thanks, R Family!  Enjoy your new addition... she is perfect. 

September 19, 2012

10x10 Collages {Austin Children Photographer}

I love creating custom artwork for my clients' homes.  The B family wanted some sweet portraits to display in their hallway, and decided to go with 10x10s.  I love the look of square prints, and all my wall prints (size 10x10 and larger) come mounted, so you can display them in a frame without glass for a unique look.  (You can also display them with glass if you prefer that.) 

Here is a sample of 10x10 collages that I offer my clients.  Collages are available in several other sizes and layouts as well.  (Click here for another fun option.  Colors and text are customizable on this type of collage.)  

(Images posted online are in low-resolution.)

September 12, 2012

School Portraits for the CDC {Austin Children Photographer}

To say we had fun yesterday out on the playground would be an understatement!  Today is day 2 of 3 of doing child portraits at the CDC, and I can't wait to get back and work with the sweet little ones today.  Talk about keeping me on my toes, though... these portrait days are a pretty darn good workout!  Here are a few sneak peeks (posted with their mamas' permission) from yesterday.  Enjoy!

(Not all kiddos have shots with the glasses, but aren't they adorable?!)


September 11, 2012

Tip #2 - Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids: Lighting Is King

This month has been incredibly busy, so my blogging time has been cut back... so I'm sharing a great handout - thanks to Gale Vehar at Pretty Presets for Lightroom for this amazing tool. 

Lighting is to a camera and quality of images as oxygen is to breathing.

Finding just ONE good window in your house and learning to use the light coming in there is key.  Find a time where direct sunlight is not coming in.  Then, try and position your child so that the light falls at 10 or 2 (o'clock) in their eyes. 

Have them sit on a little chair, an old crate, or even have them lay on the floor on a white or cream colored fuzzy rug.   Take some pictures of them looking at you, but also have them look out the window, because the light will make their eyes sparkle.

Now - go and shoot!  :)


September 09, 2012

Iowa Mini Sessions - October 2012

I am so looking forward to my annual Iowa mini-sessions, and some nice, cool fall weather!  It is always good to get back to where I grew up... with camera and kiddos in tow.  Miles asks me every day, "How can we get to Iowa??  Is our plane ready yet?  Is it October yet?"  :) 

Iowa Friends: I will only be doing 6-8 mini-sessions total, so email me to set up your session.  I can't wait to capture sweet moments for your families.  Just in time for holiday cards and photo gifts for your loved ones!  Please email me and I will send session times and pricing your way.

Refer a friend and you get FREEBIES! 

Click here for a video from last year's Iowa mini-sessions.  I can't wait for our plane to "be ready!"  Iowa - here we (almost) come. 

To learn more about me and to view my Galleries, click here and here.

September 07, 2012

Fan Only Discount: This Week - $50 off our Multi-Opening Frames!!

This might be one of the very favorite products that I offer.  (I don't know though... canvas gallery wraps and albums are a pretty close second!)

Note: Available for Facebook fans.  (If you are not in Austin/surrounding area, I can even ship them to you.  Contact me for details!)

These frames are big, beautiful, and just plain amazing.  And they have my clients raving all about them!  I have one hanging in my stairway, and look at it every day and just love the statement it makes in my home.  I am about to get one for our master bedroom to hang above our bed in a super fun color... I'm thinking Jamaica Sea (light turquoise).

THIS WEEK ONLY (Expires 9/15/12!): For Facebook fans - Get $50 off your multi-opening frame!  (This is the lowest price these frames will ever be, (due to my manufacturer raising prices) so don't wait if you're wanting one for your home.)  $350 + tax.

Available in over 50 colors and 2 frame shapes.  The Eva (top image below) is 30x29" and the Jessie (bottom image below) is 27x27".  They hold 1 10x10 image and 5 5x5 images.  It's hip to be square!  These frames don't have glass (which means there is no glare... you have great viewing of your images from any angle in your home!).  

  • By 9/15/12, Email me at with the following: 
  • Name (first and last), frame shape (Eva or Jessie?), frame color, do you want to order professional prints through me?  (Highly recommended if you're a current client.  These images take a little extra mounting for support and protection since frame doesn't have glass.  You get a discount on prints, and they are professionally printed and mounted without you ever having to lift a finger.  Just pick the frame up and it's ready to hang!  Easy breezy.)
  • Payment is due by check made out to Sarah Jordan by Saturday, Sept. 15th.  Please include 8.25% Texas sales tax.  Frames will be available for pickup by mid October.
 Color suggestions: If you are looking for a frame that is a safe bet for any room, I would recommend Espresso Bean, Black, or White.  If you're looking for a color splash, any amazing color will due! 

We also have single and double-stack options... click here for details and pricing.  They are beauties!  (Double stacks are my favorite... see image below for one.)

September 05, 2012

Seniors by Sarah Jordan {Beautiful Mariah}

I loved everything about this Senior Portrait session... the weather (it was the first time in a long time I didn't leave a session this summer feeling like I had just run 3 miles), the lovely subject, her awesome mom (talk about an awesome assistant!), and shooting in downtown Austin.

Meet Mariah, one of my Senior Rep(resentatives).  Dripping Springs Class of 2013... Isn't she lovely?  Loved every moment of our time together, and the sassy yet cool style she has.  My Senior Portrait session spots are limited and filling quickly for fall 2012 and spring 2013.  I even offer the option to have makeup professionally done before the session!  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.

To Mariah: Wishing you the very best as you start and finish your Senior year.  I am excited to have you be one of our Senior Reps!  Such a cool time in your life as you decide where you'll be pursuing your dreams of writing and photography!  You are going to be a huge success.

September 01, 2012

Check out our 2012 Video!

I love giving people a little peek into the amazing clients I get to serve, and the sweet memories I am able to capture on camera for them to enjoy.  It was so much fun making the 2012 Miles of Smiles Photography video (check out our 2011 video here).

I feel like the images here really represent my style and the way I adore working with light and color.    Miles of Smiles Photography is approaching its second birthday (we started in October of 2010), and it has been such an incredible and rewarding journey.  As a professional, I work very hard to always keep improving my skill, and I definitely feel that my work, education, and professional images and products that I offer my clients go along with that drive to always keep improving on this journey. 

2012 has been a huge year for this business, and I am so grateful for all of the lovely people I have had the pleasure of serving.  I am already looking forward to making the 2013 video.  :)  Enjoy!

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