July 29, 2012

1st Birthday Session Options & Products

You may or may not have heard of a "cake smash session," but once you've seen one, you will understand the cuteness and (literal) sweetness that goes on during one of these sessions!  (Click here.)  What a fun way to cherish and celebrate your baby's first birthday!

New to Miles of Smiles Photography: We can handle making the cake for you!  This sweet girl's mama (see images below) is a pro at making this cupcake cake, which is perfect for a cake smash session.  And the best part - you don't have to lift a finger!  (Or clean up any mess.)  You pick the colors.  We have the cake ready and waiting for your sweet baby to smash it.  Ask us for details.

Looking for another cool way to cherish special things and milestones about your baby's first birthday?  Check out this 1st year sign board.  Also available for purchase for your session.  Ask us for details.

Most people schedule a full session so that we can do family portraits, portraits of the baby, and cake smash portraits.  Otherwise, doing a mini-session (and just the cake smash) is also an option.  Contact us for pricing information and details.

Turning one is such a milestone in a baby's life.  What a sweet way to celebrate it - and the best part is that your portraits last forever, and so do the memories!

July 27, 2012

The H Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I enjoyed a beautiful morning with the H family last weekend.  About a year and a half ago, soon after Miles of Smiles Photography started, Holly featured me in an interview on The Work at Home Woman.  It is such a great resource for women who want to work at home and have more time with the little ones.  Check it out here, and click here for the interview I was featured in a year and a half ago and to learn a behind-the-scenes look at how Miles of Smiles Photography came to be.  It was fun for me to re-read, as life has evolved a lot since then.  Photography is now my main job (I am no longer working at UT managing the fitness program), and Miles is almost 3 now and has a baby sister.  Time flies!

Little Hadley had grown so much since I had last seen her!  She was such a little beauty to work with, and I adore her freckles.  Her mama mentioned that she loved those freckles on her client paperwork, so I made sure to get a few image really capturing those.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our session.

July 23, 2012

Olivia & Her Family {Austin Family Photographer}

Here is a glimpse into my Saturday morning.  I sometimes have to pinch myself that I actually do this for a job.  Running your own business is never easy, but wow... do the clients I get to work for make my job incredibly enjoyable, fun, rewarding, and fulfilling.  Makes my little heart go pitter-patter... 

Enjoy a sneak peek into the M family's session.  (Click images to enlarge.)

Oh - and does Olivia's mom get a HUGE shout out for making this incredible 1-year memory board?  I included that image in a larger size below the collage so you can see what the board says.  What a sweet and creative way to remember little things about her at 1 year of age!

Olivia's Cake Smash {Austin Children's Photographer}

I had been wanting to do a fun cake smash session using some new things I had made, so when Miss Olivia's mama asked me if I could do one at the end of our regular session, I was quick to say "Yes!"  I love cake smash sessions, because they tell such a story.  Only Olivia, her mom, and dad will know the real story behind how much she loved smashing her cake!  :)  (And P.S. - Did her mama make one heck of a cake or what?!)

What a sweet girl, and what a sweet year she must have made this for her parents.  As my baby girl (4 months) sleeps on my lap as I type this blog post, I cannot believe that before I know it - I will be doing her first cake smash.  And sweet Miles is turning 3 very soon.  Time flies!!  Thank goodness photography gives us portraits that slow time a bit and allow us to look back on all of our special and sweet (and cake-y) memories!

Here is a peek into Olivia's sweet (literally!) cake smash session.   Click here for the rest of her session.

To her parents: 
It was such a pleasure meeting and working with your adorable little family!  You have a beautiful blue eyed angel on your hands.  She did such a great job at our session.  I look forward to getting you your images (they will melt your heart - they have thoroughly melted mine as I've edited them!) and your beautiful boutique frame.  Happy summer!

July 20, 2012

4th of July Parade - 2012 {Austin Family Photographer}

I love my community.

I love being involved here and giving back.

The people are amazing, the kiddos are adorable, and I feel honored and blessed to live here.

I had such a great time shooting the 4th of July parade for the second year.  Red, white, and blue are such amazing colors (for so many reasons), and I love the way they turned out.  Brace yourself for the cuteness...

Looking forward to next year!

July 09, 2012

The D Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I had such a great time working with The D Family over the weekend. 

Their littlest guy will always be about 7 months old in my head because he and his mama were some of the first people I met when we moved into this house.  I was 7.5 months pregnant with my own son at that time, and thought to myself, "I hope Miles has big blue eyes like that little man."  (And sure enough - he does!)

The little boys and their mama gave this session to their daddy as a Father's Day gift, as they hadn't had family pictures done since before their youngest boy was born.  Problem solved!

Thanks for being so much fun to work with, D Family!

July 08, 2012

The Importance of Print Size

Here is a really nice way to view the different sizes of prints and products that I offer.  Size certainly does matter, and as you can see, going big creates a much more dramatic effect.  Having a couch in the image really gives you an idea of how the sizes look on a livingroom wall.  (And how sweet is that tiny baby?)

July 01, 2012

The M Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I so enjoyed getting to work with the M Family again!  I did baby Will's newborn portraits about a year ago, and also enjoyed working with their family in the late fall.  Today was no different... lots of fun, laughter, and good times out in nature.

Here are a few shots from our morning together.  They are such sweethearts, and I can't wait to work with them again.