September 26, 2011

Before and Afters

I love newborn photo sessions.  There is something so exciting about capturing the love of parents for their new, fresh, beautiful baby and baby's new life.  And even though they are a lot of work during the shoot and in editing, it is so rewarding knowing you have created masterpieces for the family to enjoy and cherish forever.  Photography really is an incredible way to freeze time.

Here are some examples of "SOOC" (straight out of the camera) shots vs. finished shots.   (Click on images to enlarge and better see details.)

Straight out of the camera:

After editing:

Straight out of the camera: (It was literally about 107 degrees that day... but you would never know by how cozy and comfy little Jonah looks in that basket!)
After editing:

September 22, 2011

Christmas in November MINI-SESSIONS are Coming!

I always love this time of year...

The weather finally (FINALLY) starts to think about cooling down here in Austin, and before we know it - the holidays will be upon us!  If you are needing family and child portraits - especially for those holiday cards, these mini-sessions are for you!  It is a great deal that I run only twice a year, and there are limited spots available.

Please be sure to click here for complete details/info.   Please contact me for availability and to set up your family's appointment.

Christmas in November Mini-Session Specials - Austin, TX

Family or child portraits – just in time for the holidays!

Saturday, November 5th: Park in Central Austin (nature) In 30 minute blocks from 7:45am- 9:15am
Saturday, Nov. 19th: South Austin (near MoPac & SlaughterLn) (nature)   In 30-minute blocks from 4-5:30pm

If you can't make it to a mini-session, I still have a few spots left for Fall 2011, but they are filling quickly.  

Option 1:
The Digital Package $130

(A $270 value!!)
Are you a do-it-yourselfer? This package is for you, and includes a 20-25-minute outdoor photography session and online gallery AND CD of 10 beautifully edited and retouched images - PLUS 25 holiday cards!

Option 2:
The A to Z Package $180

(A $370 value!)
Let us handle everything for you – from A to Z! Package includes a 20-25-minute outdoor photography session and online gallery AND CD of 15 beautifully edited and retouched images. **Includes: 1 5x7, 1 8x10, 25 holiday cards, PLUS CD of 15 high-resolution digital images.

September 16, 2011

Chair Re-Do

I have a love for finding junk and turning it into little treasures.  The only challenge with that these days is simply finding the time to make that transformation happen!

Meet Chair.  I got Chair at a garage sale awhile back - along with a little desk - all for $15.  Chair has been sitting in the garage along with many other pieces of my photography prop collection.  It was just a plain old chair.  So last Saturday morning, I got up and thought, "I am going to redo that chair.  Today."  And by the time I went to bed, it looked very different.

I am so loving this turquoise color lately.  I would probably say it's my favorite color of the moment and one of my faves of all time.  (Behr: Jamaica Bay)  In fact, one of the last transformations I did was converting a $20 Goodwill desk into a turquoise "creative work station" in my home office.  That is where all of the editing and processing magic happens!



I used the new version of Chair for the first time on Wednesday with Miss Charlotte, and can't wait to use it again this weekend!  

September 15, 2011

Terry & Kelly: Fitting in Fitness {Austin Fitness Photographer}

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing Kelly's fitness shoot.  She is a very fit mama of 2 little ones.  And then about a week later, I enjoyed doing her own mom's fitness shoot.  These women work very hard to "fit in fitness" into their busy lives, which is inspiring to us all.

Check out their side-by-sides! It's hard to believe they are mother/daughter - and not sisters!

Here are some of my favorites from Terry's shoot.  Click here to see Kelly's images.

September 12, 2011

What to Wear... Part I

I often get asked, "What should my family wear for our outdoor portraits?" 

I have a whole list of helpful information at the FAQs page of my web site (click here)... but here is what it comes down to.  (Please note: These guidelines are for outdoor sessions.  For indoor sessions with a newborn or maternity sessions, please be sure to visit the FAQs page at my web site as there is detailed information for you there.)

First and foremost, think about the rooms in your home that you will be hanging wall portraits.  Work your clothing color scheme around that.  For example: If you have red couches, you don't want anyone wearing pink.  If you have a very neutral color theme in your living room, you might like to accent it with images of your family wearing a more colorful wardrobe.

Here are a few pointers to help you dress for success.
  • Definitely check out this link from Amy Coe (click here) for AMAZING pics of what to wear!
  • Also, check out this link from Taryn.  Great visuals of several outfits!  
  • DO wear what reflects you. Have fun with it!  Solids are great, but don't be afraid of a little pattern or texture. 
  • DO lint roll everyone before the session to avoid any fuzzies.
  • DO make sure there are NO phones, keys, wallets, or sunglasses in any pockets.  
  • DO bring wipes if you have children, and wipe their faces 2-3 times during our shoot.  (Pay special attention to noses, eyes, and around their mouth.)
  • Ladies: DO wear cool jewelry, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Just make sure they are on properly during the shoot.
  • DO let Sarah know what your kids will be wearing before our session together, as she has lots of cool props that might go perfectly with it.
  • Don't be too "matchy-matchy." It is great to wear similar / somewhat solid / gem tone colors, but don't be afraid of a little print and wearing what really reflects your personality!
  • Groups: Don't wear all black, as it won't accurately reflect your personality.  All white shirts with khaki pants can work well, but make sure the ladies accessorize with some colorful jewelry. 
  • Don't wear flip flops. They just don't photograph well.
  • For non-summer sessions where shoes are necessary, leather loafers or lace ups - or single color shoes are better than tennis shoes, Nikes, etc.  
  • If it is not "Summer in Texas" weather, wear pants/jeans.  They photograph better than shorts.  But if it is a hot Texas day, wear what you feel will keep you most comfortable.  
  • Don't wear shirts with low necklines.  Especially if kids will be in the photos, as they tend to pull down an already low neckline while they sit on you.  
  • Moms-to-be and newborns: Don't wear elastic socks and/or waistbands for an hour before the session or marks may show.

I have included some images here of great color schemes from some of my past sessions. 

Gem tones also work great together.  Blues, purples, greens, mauves, etc. 

You can even find color inspiration from animals.  Think about how beautiful the colors of a peacock are.  Those colors work amazingly well together when worn too!  This guy was totally showing off for my camera. 

Also, for more great color schemes, click: 
If you have any questions about what to wear for your session that I haven't answered here, feel free to contact me - I'd love to help!