April 29, 2013

The C Families {Austin Family Photographer}

I have so enjoyed working with these families over the years.  And I love how when they get together, they love getting portraits done to freeze those little moments in time. 

Another reason I love working with all of these fabulous people is that they are just. plain. HILARIOUS.  And any time they are all together, there are plenty of laughs to go around. 

Enjoy the sneak peek. 

And here is a little bonus... last year's maternity shot and this year's mom/baby shot.

First Portraits {Austin Family Photographer}

I just got the sweetest note from these boys' grandma on my "Miles of Smiles Photography by Sarah" Facebook page.  (Which made me remember that in all the fall craziness (September through December for photographers is like April for accountants), I haven't gotten around to blogging a couple of my last fall sessions.)

Better late than never, right?  Right.

I met these adorable boys when I did school pictures at the childcare/school they attend here in Austin last fall.  It was so much fun doing individual (and sibling) portraits of all 250 of the children there.  Talk about a workout!  And talk about days overflowing with cuteness.  Here is just a sample of another little guy from that week.  Aren't the glasses cute?  (We did some with and without glasses and a schooly theme.)

The C boys were precious.  And lively.  And perfect for each other.  You can tell they just love being brothers!

Their mama ordered some adorable images, and she was so excited to get them in her hands!  And up on her walls.  She was so embarrassed to tell me, but she said she had never had professional portraits done of her boys.  I reassured her that she is not alone, that it is nothing to be embarrassed about, and that the great thing is that now she had done just that. 

A few weeks later, she called me again to schedule a session for the boys because she loved the first round of school pics so much that she wanted more.  Aren't their outfits adorable?  I loved getting to work with these cuties again!  They melted my heart... I can only imagine how much they melt their mama's (and grandma's) hearts on a daily basis. 

Sweet Pea {Austin Child Photographer}

Oh how I love watching little gals that are about a year ahead of my own baby girl. 

It is just amazing what they can do, say, dance, sing, and carry out.  I can't believe my baby girl will be this age in less than a year.  Sweet Pea was an absolute joy to work with.  She made us sing, dance, and do the funky chicken, but I am absolutely loving the way her images turned out. 

I think we captured her (and so many of her sweet expressions) and exactly who she is at this time in her sweet little life.  Enjoy a sneak peek into our session.

April 24, 2013

The M Families {Austin Family Photographer}

 L contacted me to do family portraits because her whole family (3 kids and their families) would all be in town together at the same time (which is rare she said), and she wanted portraits of everyone together.

I can understand this, because I live 18 hours from my sweet family, and we, too, are rarely all together at the same time.  And when we are, we try our darndest to get a picture.  (This usually involves us setting up some crazy distraction (near the camera) for the kids to look at and laugh at.  It also involves a whole lot of chaos trying to get everyone ready for a picture, lining us all up, and getting the shot.  But... what we have for the rest of the year to love and cherish is a pretty picture.  We forget about the chaos it took to get it!

She said they really wanted some bluebonnet pictures, so I scoped out a location, and away we went.  The only problem was that Texas decided to be a very (!!) cold and windy 40 degrees that morning (after being 80 degrees the previous days).  But we made it happen - shivers and all!  Because I knew these pictures were so important to this family, and because that 40 degree windy day just didn't allow people to be comfortable, I did another quick shoot for them at one of my favorite locations a few days later.  (When it was 75 degrees!)

Enjoy the cuteness of the M families.  I can tell they all have so much fun together.

April 08, 2013

Cake Smash SPECIAL! {Austin Child Photographer}

Cake smash sessions are such a fun and unique way to remember your baby as they hit that big milestone!  Not to mention the fact that they are enjoyable for the parents too, because your child can make a big mess and you don't have to clean it all up!

What is a cake smash session?  We start off with one backdrop and one outfit and do some regular portraits before moving to the cake smash itself.  For the actual cake smash part, you lay out a delicious little cake and let your baby or toddler go to work!  For 1st birthday babies, we finish with a bubble bath in a little tub for even more sweet pictures.

Click here and here for some Cake Smash cuteness, or visit our online gallery of images here.

We're offering BIG extras on top of our regular cake smash mini-session!   
Must book by June 1st.  For sessions taking place before August 1, 2013.  Weekdays only.

Cake Smash: $300 + tax includes:
  • A 30-45 minute mini-session cake smash and 5 high-resolution images on CD 
    • 4 FREE high-resolution images on a CD
    • A FREE 11x14 or 12x12 mounted wall print collage
    • Click here for samples.
    • Over $600 value.
*Limited spots available at this special rate.  Available on weekdays for child celebrating 1st, 2nd, or 3rd birthday.  Bonus offer is non-transferable and holds no cash value.  4 additional high-resolution images must be the same images that are used in collage.  Client must provide their own cake.  (Ask us... we know a place to get a sweet cake for about $8!)  We clean up the mess.  Have any questions?  Just contact us.  We're happy to help!

April 07, 2013

ONE & (the cake was) Done... {Austin Baby Photographer}

Crazy how quickly tiny babies become one year olds.  I'd say she loved her cake.  And the bath that followed!

I ordered this in a canvas gallery wrap with a pretty pink border, and it looks SO cute up on her wall!  (I melt every time I walk past it in her nursery.)

April 03, 2013

Love Letters: The B Family

Another email from a client that absolutely melted my little photographer heart.  Talk about making my day when I opened this email up...

From The B Family: Sweet Paige's Newborn Session (click here)

"When our baby was born, we had just moved to the Austin area and I was very sad that I did not know any photographers in the area that had both the style of picture that I wanted at the right price point. I was thrilled when I happened upon Sarah who definitely had both! Sarah's photos are visually stunning- the type of picture I always wish I could take. She captures the beauty of the individual and also the essence of their heart with fresh, beautifully colored images that are true works of art.

Sarah replied to my inquiry promptly by phone and we scheduled our session.

The session was so much fun. Every stress I felt while getting ready melted away when we walked in the door. Her home studio space was warm and inviting. When we arrived, she had soft music playing, a space heater for baby (it was winter), and was snacks and water for mama, which I did not think to bring and definitely needed! 

In addition, Sarah did an outstanding job working with our tiny, colicky model. You would never guess how fussy she was looking at the pictures! She even ran her vacuum for us, when we told her that helped calm baby.

Sarah's photographs of our newborn are this mama's dream come true. They are absolutely gorgeous and have become artwork in our home, as well as the homes of our relatives. Some of our friends have commented that they are the best baby pictures they have ever seen!

I wholeheartedly recommend Miles of Smiles Photography. Sarah treats you like family, makes you look good, and gives you beautiful memories to last a lifetime." ~The B Family 

The H Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I love doing portrait sessions during The Golden Hour.  I just wish I could do more of them at that time.  Other than the fact that the lighting is warm and lovely, it is a nice little "escape" from the house and kiddos during what is normally a hectic time of day getting dinner ready and mouths fed.  But my hubby doesn't get home until almost dark, so for the time being, these sessions are a special treat. 

The H Family was so much fun to work with!  Sometimes I forget how much easier it is photographing families with older kids - vs. families like mine with babies and toddlers.  It is a nice change, but I also just adore the Littles, too.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our session together.  Aren't their wardrobe colors amazing?  Good job, S!

April 01, 2013

How Quickly a Year Flies! {Austin Baby Photographer}

Time has always seemed to pass somewhat quickly.  I remember way back in my college days thinking the weeks were just flying by.

When I became a mother 3.5 years ago, time seemed to fly by twice as fast.  And when I became a mother for the second time last year, I can hardly keep up with this thing called time!  It just flies by so fast.

I cannot believe how quickly this sweet girl has gone from tiny newborn to sweet, sassy, funny one-year old.  Enjoy her cuteness.  And her cheeks!

Seems like just yesterday, I shot this image of her.