August 26, 2010

Dudes on a Ranch

How cute are these "dudes on a ranch?"

Blue... My New Favorite Color

Now that I have a baby boy, blue has become my favorite color.  Not because it is one of the colors in his nursery or wardrobe... but because of his gorgeous blue eyes.  I simply cannot get enough of them and look forward to capturing them on film (and being captivated by them) for many years to come.

Mountains... They Have My Heart

I am not sure anything captures my energy, attention, and awe (other than my son) quite like mountains do.  When I am in them, I feel free... I feel vibrant... I feel rejuvenated.  One day, I hope to have them surrounding me for a very long time - instead of just on vacations.  Here are a few of my favorite mountain photos that I took in Colorado.  


I love flowers.  They brighten my day, they so often have such cool layers and features, and they are great to photograph.   Here are a few of the favorites I have taken the last few years.  

Napa, CA
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
Austin, TX