May 30, 2015

The R Family - Fall Mini-Session {Austin Family Photographer}

{Project "Catching up on Fall 2014 blog posts" continues.}

Can you believe that this family was one of my first sessions ever (when Big Sister was about 2 years old) and the little sister in these pictures was the first newborn that I had ever photographed?!  It is always fun reflecting on how far things have come since those early days of my business.

I loved working with this family again last fall for their mini-session!  So many adorable giggles between these two sisters.  Enjoy a sneak peek into our time together. 

R Family: You have such a beautiful family dynamic, and you're all so much fun to work with!  

The B Family Fall Mini-Session {Austin Family Photographer}

When I first met this mom, she told me that her son did not love having his pictures taken.  She almost didn't book a fall mini-session because of that, but she decided it was worth a try.

Let's just say that this little guy absolutely rocked their session, and by the end was hugging me and telling me how much fun he had!  Isn't he handsome?  He can rock a serious face like no one I've ever worked with!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our mini-session together from last fall.

(I'll be announcing my Fall 2015 family mini-session SPECIALS sometime in June.  Be sure you're on our Newsletter list, as they are the first to know, and spots will fill up fast.)

 B Family: Loved working with you... the two of you are so much fun!  

The H Family {Austin Family Photographer}

For almost the last year, I have been partnering up with The Meridian Sun, a gorgeous community newsletter publication that comes out monthly in The Meridian (neighborhood) just down the road from me.  It has been such an honor seeing my images on the covers and the pages of the Featured Family articles there every month!  I swear, it's like a "warm fuzzy" every time I pull one of these beautiful newsletter magazines out of my mailbox and see my image on the front and images inside on the pages.

This session almost didn't happen.  If you can believe it, we spent the first 10 minutes of the session hanging out under the cover of a picnic shed because of the downpour that was happening outside at the time.  But then the clouds parted and gave way to a fun session with so many sweet images!

Enjoy a look into the H Family's session.

The K Family {Austin Family Photographer}

This session took place awhile back, but I never got it blogged.  The couple and their adorable dog are just TOO cute not to blog... so here we go!

I first met The K Family when she contacted me after winning a silent auction prize I had donated to Mother's Milk Bank of Austin for one of their events.

Enjoy a sneak peek into The K Family's session.  This dog-mama had everything her pup needed in a doggie diaper bag.  I was so impressed!  He was such a beautiful Vizsla.  Reminds me of my friend's dog that I used to take for long runs in the mountains of Alaska when I used to live there for a few summers.  Gorgeous.

Ethan's Cake Smash {Austin Baby Photographer}

OH my... just going through some Fall 2014 checklists, and realized I never got this little guy's Cake Smash session blogged.  Fall is crazy (!!) season for photographers, so I must have missed this.

Loved working with this little guy.  His Big Sister was my second Cake Smash ever several years ago... and I just love working with families as new babies come into the picture and family.

Enjoy a sneak peek into adorable little Ethan's one year / Cake Smash session.

May 29, 2015

Baby's First Year Plan: The S Family {Austin Baby Photographer}

OH how I love my Baby's First Year Plan members.  There is something so fun about knowing that you're going to get to capture that baby and family's whole first year of amazing milestones and love as a family on camera.  Babies grow and change so quickly, and it is a joy to give families images to look back on forever as their baby(ies) grow.

I first met The S Family last fall.  They were SO much fun to photograph, and such a happy little family of three (soon to be four).  Click here for a blog post from their fall session.

I couldn't wait to meet their new baby girl, sweet little Catherine.  She was a week old at her newborn portrait session, and did such a good job!  She put up a little fight in the sleep category, but the photographer always wins in the end.  :)  And how adorable is her big sister Maddie?!  That big smile, those adorable curls, and all of that sweet energy.  She's over the moon about her new baby sister.  I can't wait to watch these kiddos grow and interact this year at their next two sessions as part of my Baby's First Year Plan.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our newborn session.

Here is a video from the session, or you can see the images below.

{We are currently booking all sessions about 2-3 months in advance.  Contact us for availability.  And be sure to see our Newborn & Baby Info. Packet - at the bottom under the last image from this session's sneak peek.}

LOVE that even Baby Sister gave us a smile for the image below!  SO precious.  We made this image into a gorgeous Canvas Gallery Wrap for their home.

Newborn & Baby Info. Packet: