April 21, 2016

The P Family: Downtown Austin {Austin Family Photographer}

This family was just precious... from start to finish.  Their kiddos are almost the same ages as mine, and I just loved photographing their love and laughter.  Their daddy and I used to work together back in the day when I was the Fitness/Wellness Program Coordinator at UT RecSports.  Such a sweet family.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our downtown Austin session.

Eleanor's Newborn Session {Austin Newborn Photographer}

OH sweet little Eleanor.  She was an absolute dream to work with.  She loved every single pose I posed her in, and slept like a gem.  And what a gorgeous little girl she is!  I absolutely adore all of the set ups we got through and the sweet images we captured for her family to cherish always.

Contact us to learn more about our portrait options and to book your family's session.  Please note: Our calendar is normally full about 3 months in advance.  Mamas-to-be should contact us in their second trimester to reserve their spot.

To her parents: Congratulations on your beautiful baby.  I hope you're enjoying all of your images, prints, and the gorgeous Canvas Gallery Wrap on your wall!  This was one of my favorite newborn sessions to date, and I just adore your baby girl.  I can't wait for the next 2 sessions in our "Baby's 1st Year Plan" and to capture all the cuteness to come.  

You can read this mama's feedback and review of her experience with Miles of Smiles Photography here.  http://www.milesofsmilesphotography.com/new-the-buzz

Enjoy the photos below and the adorable video at the bottom!

Video from our session together: 

Carter's One Year Cake Smash {Austin Baby Photographer}

Sweet little Carter came to see me at the studio this spring for his 1 year Cake Smash session.  He started out very timid, but by the end he was my best little buddy!  I love working with this age.  It's always a good workout, but such a sweet milestone to capture on camera for my clients.

Enjoy a sneak peek into Carter's Cake Smash session.

To Carter's Mama: Thanks so much for being a trooper and jumping in a few images.  I love the snuggles we caught on camera.  You have such a beautiful baby boy, and I hope one has been super fun for both of you!  

Click here to learn more about Miles of Smiles Photography.  Our calendar is normally full about 3 months in advance.  Contact us to book your session.

Here is a video from our session.  Enjoy!

April 03, 2016

Hadley: 12 Days New {Austin Newborn Photographer}

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Adorable little Hadley Grace came to the studio to see me recently, and absolutely rocked her newborn session.  I just adore how tiny a precious baby is, and even after all of the newborns I have worked with (and raising my own babies), I am still so amazed at how quickly they grow and change.

Love the looks we captured for her parents and family to enjoy forever.

Here is a video from our session together.  (Please view in the mode/size that it opens in.  Viewing in full screen mode will lose clarity.)  Enjoy!

March 29, 2016

Jaylene's Newborn Session {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Sweet little Jaylene came to see me at the studio for her Newborn Studio Session with Miles of Smiles Photography.  And oh did we have fun!

I first met this family when I did Big Sister's 1 year Cake Smash session last year.  Check out this little cutie!

And then came her baby sister, Jaylene.

Enjoy a peek into our first session of "Baby's 1st Year Plan" with this gorgeous and sweet family.

Here is a video from our session together.

March 23, 2016

Personal Peek: (Part II) I Lost My Dog Today

Click here for the previous blog post (Part I).

I am so incredibly grateful for photos and how they will help keep memories living on long after we are all gone.  (That is IF we get our photos printed, saved, and backed up, right?)  :)

Here are some images from our last few days with our sweet Brady.  Some taken with my fancy camera, some taken with my iPhone.  Just taken, and that is what matters.

March 14, 2016

Personal Peek: I Lost My Dog Today

I lost my dog today.  I mean, really, really lost my sweet dog.  (And oddly enough, documenting his life (and last days of life) through my cameras and writing about it is very therapeutic.)

My sweet Brady.  My friend of 13 years... Day in and day out.  Through graduate school in Kentucky, moving to Austin, meeting and marrying my husband, having a baby, then another baby, changing careers, buying houses, and all of the ups, downs, and adventures of life the last 13 years.

The dog that followed me around the house constantly the last few months... always wanting to be where I was.  The dog who chose to sleep on the rug in my office because it was next to me... even though it was not nearly as comfortable as his bed in the room next door - but because it was close to me.  Because turns out - I was his "person."

I don't think I honestly realized how much of a "baby" (or my "person") that he was to me until last Thursday when I got the news that I had mere days left with him by my side.  By my husband's side.  By my children's side.  In our home.  In our space.  In this world.

It will definitely take me a few days or weeks to put this story together... but for now I can rest in the fact that he is in no more pain, no more suffering, and that he died peacefully in my arms today.  It truly was a beautiful way to go out.  I owed him that... he was my angel for 13 years.  The least I could do was usher him out to become an angel on the other side.  He will be buried at my childhood home (acreage) in Iowa, and that is something so special to me.

If I have ever been reminded of the importance of photography, it has been through the last few days.  I have collected the most amazing photos, memories, laughter, tears, and things we will never forget about our last few days with this amazing friend.  And I can't wait for the emptiness to wear off a little bit and to dig in and make the most amazing photo book documenting his life for each of my children (and myself too) for us to have always.

Dogs really are a man's best friend.  I will forever miss and cherish my handsome boy.

February 20, 2016

The D Twins: Baby's First Year Plan - 3 sessions {Austin Baby Photographer}

These two... They were my first newborn twins ever to photograph.  (Since then, I've been very busy in the photographing-multiples department!)  It was a magical session, because they were just drawn to each other in such a cool, unique way.

D Family: I have loved working with you the last year for our 3 sessions in your Baby's 1st Year Plan.  Such a magical year to watch your boys and family grow like it has.  I hope you love all of the adorable images we got in those 3 sessions and all the pretty artwork that now adorns your walls with smiling faces and family cuddles in them.


7 Months

One Year

Enjoy a peek into their one year session and cake smash.  Also, the video has images from their first two sessions (newborn and little sitter) as well.

Click here for their newborn session blog post.  And here for their little sitter (7 month) session.

Video from their 1 Year Session (It includes shots from first 2 sessions as well.):