September 04, 2015

We're Movin' (On Over)! New Studio Location

(Written September 4, 2015)

Holy Crazy.  That is about all I can say about the last 11 days of our lives.

14 days ago, as the kids and I were coming home from something, I pulled the minivan over to grab a pricing sheet from the "for sale" sign at this house down the street from where we currently live.  Just then, a gal that lives nearby drove by, pulled over, and said, "Have you seen this house?"  I said, "No."  She said, "Do you want to see it?"

And the rest is history, folks.  For those of you who know me, you know my family is sort of bursting out of our current house.  We moved here 6 years ago when I was 7.5 months pregnant with my first born.  Then we had a baby boy, I started a business out of our home, we had a baby girl, business grew and I opened my Photography Studio, business went full time and exploded in the best way possible.

And now, because of all of that awesome stuff and hard work, my wonderful husband and all his hard work, and THE most amazing photography clients in the world, we are purchasing that house.  And that house has dedicated studio space so that I can shoot my sessions, provide a comfortable place for clients, AND my family can enjoy a lot more space than we currently had.  (And I can have a little more streamlined approach to working full time, picking my kiddos up at 2:30 now instead of 5 (that definitely changes a work day!), and the best part is that we're on the same street (pretty much) and have all of the same amazing neighbors!

So, needless to say, "unexpectedly buying a house," and now fixing our own house up to sell ASAP... and packing for a move (of both home and studio), and working full time has been a bit of a challenge.  But I'm more than up for it, and can't wait to see what the future holds in our new home and my new studio space.

(Oh, and my first born started Kindergarten last week too.  Nothing like major life changes all at once, right?)  I'll be living on coffee for the next few months, that is for sure!  But definitely feeling so blessed.

So... here are the answers to some questions.
  1. When will your studio move to its new location?  October 7th, we'll be opening our new studio doors.
  2. What is the studio space like?  When you walk into the house, the studio room is immediately on your right.  It is a big, open, beautiful room and perfect for my studio space.  Clients (when not in photos) will be able to wait comfortably in our formal sitting area just to the left.  
  3. Will you still have all of your adorable props there?  Yes, yes, and yes.  (You know I love my props!)  
  4. How far out are you booking?  Fall calendar is 95% filled.  For 2016, I'll be booking 3 months out and 4-5 months out for Fall (September - early December) sessions.
  5. You guys... SANTA is coming on November 22nd.  We still have a few spots left for our "Cookies with Santa" mini-sessions!  Click here for details.

Here is a video introducing the new studio space.  Enjoy!  

September 03, 2015

The M Triplets (and Video) {Austin Family Photographer}

Recently, the M Triplets came to visit me at the studio.  Let's just say that their session was officially my workout for the day.  :)  It was so much fun working with them, and seeing how fast and strong they all are!

Enjoy a peek into our session.  I can't wait to get their gorgeous Canvas Gallery Wrap Collection, prints, and digital images back and to them to enjoy in their home as they watch their adorable trio grow!

{Currently booking 3 months in advance.  Just 2 spots and a few mini-session specials (and Santa sessions) left for 2015.  Click here to see our work, our studio, and to learn more.}

VIDEO from our session:

August 22, 2015

Wyatt {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Wyatt came to see me at just under 2 weeks old for his newborn photography session.  What a good little boy he was for his photos!

I had just gotten back the night before from an in-person newborn posing mentoring workshop (which was AH-MAZING!) in New Mexico... so I couldn't wait to try out some new things that I learned.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning cuteness.  Love that they now have a gorgeous Canvas Gallery Wrap of their favorite image hanging in their home along with lots of other prints to enjoy looking back on as their sweet baby boy grows.

And P.S. - HOW adorable is his little dimple when he smiled (bottom right)?!  Melt!!

{Currently booking 3 months in advance.  Fall has just a few spots left!  Click here to see our work, our studio, and to learn more.}

Asher {Austin Newborn Photographer}

When little Asher's mama contacted me after he was born to see if I could do a session, I wasn't sure we could fit it in.  But I'm SO glad that it worked out!  (I usually book 2-3 months in advance.)  He was so adorable, and did so well at his photo debut.

Enjoy a sneak peek into our Newborn Mini-Session together.

{Currently booking 3 months in advance.  Fall has just a few spots left!  Click here to see our work.}

July 01, 2015

Anya's Baby's First Year Plan {Austin Baby Photographer}

One of the sweetest, funniest, most adorable babies I've ever worked with.  Enjoy a peek into Anya's Baby's First Year Plan.  3 sessions, cuteness overload, and lots and lots of sweet memories for this family to remember with pretty pictures in their home.

Click here to learn more about our Baby's First Year Plan.  (It includes 3 sessions and lots of freebies and goodies along the way!)

VIDEO of her first year:

A few of my favorite images...

Newborn Session:

8 Month Session:

One Year Session:

Eshaan's 1 Year Session and Cake Smash {Austin Baby Photographer}

OH how I adore getting to work with clients' babies from newborns up to one year (and beyond).

Being a mama of 2, I already know just HOW fast babies grow... and it's almost like my client babies are my extended family... because I love seeing them again and again and getting to see the wonderful little people they are becoming.

Enjoy a peek into Eshaan's one year session (with a little walk down memory lane from his newborn session a year ago)!

Video from our session: 

The H Family: "A Day in the Life" Session {Austin Family Photographer}

Oh, how I love photographing this adorable family!  I first met them when Little Brother was a beautiful bump in his mama's belly.  And I have loved photographing them many times since.  Every session includes so many laughs.  (They are a fun bunch to work with!)

This time around, we did something new that I am offering... "A Day in the Life" - Lifestyle session.  They wanted it to have an Austiny feel, so I knew just where to take them.

{To learn more about our "A Day in the Life" Lifestyle Sessions, please contact me and click here.  It includes (as of 7.1.15) a LOT of digital images (70-100 color images PLUS the black and white versions), a big discount on any of our prints and products, a custom online video (like the one below), and the best part: A gift of a custom 8x8 Heirloom Album (album is over $450 value!).  Session can be formal (like this one was) or completely informal in your own home... it's up to the client to set the mood... Then I capture your family's story along the way.}

I absolutely love how their session turned out.  Enjoy a peek...

Video of some of our favorite images from session: 

June 29, 2015

The W Girls: Wildflower Mini-Session {Austin Family Photographer}

I have loved working with the W Family since starting my photography business way back in 2010.  Big sister was just a little baby back then, and I have enjoyed photographing them as they grow up.  Such fun little girls!  Enjoy a peek into our Wildflower Mini-Session.

Here is a little video...

June 05, 2015

Little Aidan: One Week New

Oh, this little man... he was after my own heart from the moment he and his parents entered my studio.  You see, he had already been there... but it was when he was just a beautiful bump in his mama's belly for her maternity portraits.  He did SO great at our session, and I seriously could have snuggled with him for days.  I bet he's already so big now compared to when he was just one week old.

Enjoy a peek into our session.  And get ready to melt... he's a charmer!  I can't wait to work with this handsome little guy again.

May 30, 2015

The R Family - Fall Mini-Session {Austin Family Photographer}

{Project "Catching up on Fall 2014 blog posts" continues.}

Can you believe that this family was one of my first sessions ever (when Big Sister was about 2 years old) and the little sister in these pictures was the first newborn that I had ever photographed?!  It is always fun reflecting on how far things have come since those early days of my business.

I loved working with this family again last fall for their mini-session!  So many adorable giggles between these two sisters.  Enjoy a sneak peek into our time together. 

R Family: You have such a beautiful family dynamic, and you're all so much fun to work with!  

The B Family Fall Mini-Session {Austin Family Photographer}

When I first met this mom, she told me that her son did not love having his pictures taken.  She almost didn't book a fall mini-session because of that, but she decided it was worth a try.

Let's just say that this little guy absolutely rocked their session, and by the end was hugging me and telling me how much fun he had!  Isn't he handsome?  He can rock a serious face like no one I've ever worked with!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our mini-session together from last fall.

(I'll be announcing my Fall 2015 family mini-session SPECIALS sometime in June.  Be sure you're on our Newsletter list, as they are the first to know, and spots will fill up fast.)

 B Family: Loved working with you... the two of you are so much fun!  

The H Family {Austin Family Photographer}

For almost the last year, I have been partnering up with The Meridian Sun, a gorgeous community newsletter publication that comes out monthly in The Meridian (neighborhood) just down the road from me.  It has been such an honor seeing my images on the covers and the pages of the Featured Family articles there every month!  I swear, it's like a "warm fuzzy" every time I pull one of these beautiful newsletter magazines out of my mailbox and see my image on the front and images inside on the pages.

This session almost didn't happen.  If you can believe it, we spent the first 10 minutes of the session hanging out under the cover of a picnic shed because of the downpour that was happening outside at the time.  But then the clouds parted and gave way to a fun session with so many sweet images!

Enjoy a look into the H Family's session.