June 28, 2013

Special for Our Amazing Clients! {Austin Family Photographer}

One of my favorite things about Miles of Smiles Photography is getting to watch my clients' families grow year after year, and serving them throughout that process.  I love getting to capture their cuteness on camera and who they are at that very moment.  It is such a compliment and honor to have repeat clients, and I hope you all know how much I love working with your families!

I am running a special just for my previous paying clients.  This is a great thing to book for family pictures for holiday cards!  Fall will be here before we know it, and boy does the calendar fill quickly for fall.

The details: 
  • Limited spots available.
  • Sessions must take place before 9/15/13.  
  • Payment is due by check or credit card within 24 hours to reserve your spot.  
  • For children or families up to 6 people.  Not available for newborn sessions, as those take more time.  
  • Once you purchase this special, it is best to contact me about scheduling your session about 60-days in advance.  (We can always move the date if needed, but at least you're in my calendar.)  
  • Sessions take place in a beautiful setting 10 minutes south of downtown Austin.  
  • Package is $515 + tax.  (Valued at over $800)  See info. below for other details.  

June 23, 2013

Engagement Session: Blaire & Vince {Austin Wedding Photographer}

Okay, folks... if there is one thing I have learned about myself through my photography, it is that I *love* love.

I love telling the story of that love.  Whether it be new parents' love for their precious newborn baby... or a big brother's love toward his little sister in family portraits... or the love a couple feels toward each other.  I just adore the story that lives tell.  And I'm so darn lucky to get to document it through my camera and lens!

This session was amazing.  We got to enjoy several awesome areas in the beautiful city we live in (Austin, Texas)... such a treat!  We hit up the east side, the creek running through downtown, and the beautiful Capitol.  And I just LOVE the color, the smiles, and the sweetness that these two have toward each other.  Their story is so cute... stay tuned for that - coming soon.  It's always interesting how God leads two people together.

For now, here is a little sneak peek into our morning together.  These two are truly meant for each other.

If you know of people getting engaged, let them know I'm running a special!  Have them contact me for details.  And be sure they let me know you referred them, as you'll get a referral reward!

June 20, 2013

Father's Day Surprise! {Austin Family Photographer}

The mama of this little man crafted a plan to schedule a secret session to surprise her husband for Father's Day.  Such a creative and personalized gift she gave to this little guy's daddy!

When I first met L, he was just 9 days old.  (Click here for his newborn session.  Well, I guess the first time I really met him would have been during the maternity shoot that we did a few months before that.)  :)

I love how these turned out, and isn't he just pint-sized perfection?!  He was my little buddy during the session, and I enjoyed working with his mama to create a special surprise for his daddy on Father's Day.

Enjoy a sneak peek from our morning together.

June 16, 2013

Wildflower Beauty {Austin Family Photographer}

A few weeks back, I enjoyed doing some wildflower mini-sessions before these amazing wildflowers dried up.  I went to a college whose colors were cardinal and gold, so perhaps that is one reason that these flowers just own my little photographer heart.

The grandma of this little darling purchased the mini-session for this family as a gift.  What a sweet, thoughtful, and lasting gift that was for them!

Here is a sneak peek into the C family's mini-session.

Sweet Natalia was about to turn one, so I brought out the "ONE" letters.  I love her expression in the first image below!  

Sweet Cake... Sweet Little Lucy {Austin Family Photographer}

OH how I love cake smash sessions!  Each one is as unique and sweet as the baby itself.

There is something so special about a baby turning one... about celebrating all that has happened (and been survived) during baby's first year.  Something so unique in capturing first birthday portraits, and then getting out the cake and finishing up with a little bubble bath.

I first met little Lucy when she was just a few days old.  What a beautiful newborn she was to work with, and what a doll she is today at 1 year old.

Here she is when she was just a tiny little sprout.  I wanted to incorporate the same flower crown that I made for her newborn session into her one year session.  Love it!  (Click here for the rest of the newborn  session.)

And here she is today...

I made this sweet little fabric banner and headband just for Lucy's cake smash, and I love how the turquoise (my favorite!) looks with her sweet hair and eyes.

And here is the adorable (and free) 12x12 mounted wall collage she got as part of my Cake Smash Special.

To Lucy's Family: It has been so fun watching your family grow over the last few years. I am honored to be your family's photographer.  Enjoy the cuteness of your baby girls!

June 14, 2013

Newborn Before & After {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Every now and then, I like to show a before and after from a session.

As professional photographers, we work very hard to master lighting scenarios, get babies nice and sleepy (that can be much harder than it looks sometimes), pose them with the utmost safety, and keep them comfortable during the session.

Here are a few  "Before and Afters" for you.

Besides the 2-3 hour newborn portrait session itself, photographers put hours of love, detail, and art into our client images.  I like to go in and clean up an image, skin tones, etc. - but not so much that the baby doesn't look "real."  I think real is exactly how they should look... because that is exactly what newborns are.  Real little miracles. 

I love being able to document such sweet and short-lived tiny-ness for my clients to enjoy on their walls while their babies grow.  I know that I look at my baby girl's  newborn portraits in her nursery daily and I just melt at how tiny she was.

Please note: Babies are born perfectly... just as they should be.  Edits are just an enhancement to clean the image up a bit.

Enjoy sweet Paige's beauty. Click on image to enlarge.

June 05, 2013

The Ly. Family {Austin Family Photographer}

These four were up bright and early for family picture day.  It was a blast working with them!  Check out the adorable L Family...

The Lo. Mother & Son Duo {Austin Family Photographer}

I love getting to work with such wonderful families through my photography.  This mother/son duo was part of my mini-session weekend with about 20 families from ARC-South OB offices.  This guy thought that our start time of 9:30am was a bit too early on a Saturday morning, but he did great.

And afterwards, his mom emailed me and said that as they were driving away after our session, he said that I made the session really fun.  And really fast.  :)  I'm glad that I get to show people that family picture day can be fun!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.

The Bs {Austin Family Photographer}

I enjoyed doing a session with the Bs.  It was such a pretty morning that day!  Enjoy a sneak peek into our session.

The Le. Family - A Dad and His Girls {Austin Family Photographer}

In May, I enjoyed doing about 20 mini-sessions for families that work at Austin Regional Clinic - South OB, where I will be hanging much of my work later in the early fall.  I can't wait to have my images up there, as I have so enjoyed outfitting other OB/GYN offices and exam rooms around Austin with my work in the past.

This dad sure does love his girls.  And they were so sweet to work with from start to finish!  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning.

A Gal and Her Pup {Austin Family Photographer}

I have always been an animal lover.  I suppose having a father who was a veterinarian didn't hurt that.  I used to raise my own pigs, rabbits, and sheep, and we also had horses (I was queen of the saddle club one year!), dogs, cats, ducks, and a lot of other random animals throughout the year.  I was quite the 4-H gal back in the day.

One of the drawbacks of living in a city is that you just don't have room to roam.  And I really miss that sometimes.  That is why it's such a treat to get to go back to Iowa every year and just roam around the farm.  It is liberating for me, but especially for my little ones.  There are tractor (or sled) rides, horse rides, lots of time getting dirty digging for veggies in the garden, and so much more fun.  Can't wait to get back there this fall!

Here is a fun mini-session I did with a gal and her pup.  Such a sweet duo.