September 04, 2015

We're Movin' (On Over)! New Studio Location

(Written September 4, 2015)

Holy Crazy.  That is about all I can say about the last 11 days of our lives.

14 days ago, as the kids and I were coming home from something, I pulled the minivan over to grab a pricing sheet from the "for sale" sign at this house down the street from where we currently live.  Just then, a gal that lives nearby drove by, pulled over, and said, "Have you seen this house?"  I said, "No."  She said, "Do you want to see it?"

And the rest is history, folks.  For those of you who know me, you know my family is sort of bursting out of our current house.  We moved here 6 years ago when I was 7.5 months pregnant with my first born.  Then we had a baby boy, I started a business out of our home, we had a baby girl, business grew and I opened my Photography Studio, business went full time and exploded in the best way possible.

And now, because of all of that awesome stuff and hard work, my wonderful husband and all his hard work, and THE most amazing photography clients in the world, we are purchasing that house.  And that house has dedicated studio space so that I can shoot my sessions, provide a comfortable place for clients, AND my family can enjoy a lot more space than we currently had.  (And I can have a little more streamlined approach to working full time, picking my kiddos up at 2:30 now instead of 5 (that definitely changes a work day!), and the best part is that we're on the same street (pretty much) and have all of the same amazing neighbors!

So, needless to say, "unexpectedly buying a house," and now fixing our own house up to sell ASAP... and packing for a move (of both home and studio), and working full time has been a bit of a challenge.  But I'm more than up for it, and can't wait to see what the future holds in our new home and my new studio space.

(Oh, and my first born started Kindergarten last week too.  Nothing like major life changes all at once, right?)  I'll be living on coffee for the next few months, that is for sure!  But definitely feeling so blessed.

So... here are the answers to some questions.
  1. When will your studio move to its new location?  October 7th, we'll be opening our new studio doors.
  2. What is the studio space like?  When you walk into the house, the studio room is immediately on your right.  It is a big, open, beautiful room and perfect for my studio space.  Clients (when not in photos) will be able to wait comfortably in our formal sitting area just to the left.  
  3. Will you still have all of your adorable props there?  Yes, yes, and yes.  (You know I love my props!)  
  4. How far out are you booking?  Fall calendar is 95% filled.  For 2016, I'll be booking 3 months out and 4-5 months out for Fall (September - early December) sessions.
  5. You guys... SANTA is coming on November 22nd.  We still have a few spots left for our "Cookies with Santa" mini-sessions!  Click here for details.

Here is a video introducing the new studio space.  Enjoy!  

September 03, 2015

The M Triplets (and Video) {Austin Family Photographer}

Recently, the M Triplets came to visit me at the studio.  Let's just say that their session was officially my workout for the day.  :)  It was so much fun working with them, and seeing how fast and strong they all are!

Enjoy a peek into our session.  I can't wait to get their gorgeous Canvas Gallery Wrap Collection, prints, and digital images back and to them to enjoy in their home as they watch their adorable trio grow!

{Currently booking 3 months in advance.  Just 2 spots and a few mini-session specials (and Santa sessions) left for 2015.  Click here to see our work, our studio, and to learn more.}

VIDEO from our session: