July 30, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes! {Austin Baby Photographer}

Oh, how I love watching babies grow into one year olds!  Miss Katherine first came to visit me last year around this time.  And boy, how she has changed since our first meeting!

Here is a sneak peek from our 1 year / cake smash session last week with a few of her newborn pics sprinkled in.  A full blog post with lots of pics to come soon!

July 29, 2013

The R Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I first met this family at the super fun Stars and Stripes event that I worked / photographed on July 3rd.  They were so nice, and their sweet little K is just a doll!

It was a muggy summer morning in the ATX, but we enjoyed a fun mini-session.  Here is a sneak peek.

Cupcake Toppers & First Birthday FUN!

I had a blast planning my daughter's 1st birthday awhile back.  And you know me... there were lots and lots of photos around as decorations.  Even the cupcake toppers, which were just wallet-sized images I created! :)

Goofy girl!

And my super talented friend made this adorable 1st birthday sign board that I did for her first birthday shoot.  So it was fun to have it as part of the decorations at her party too.  Now it's hanging in her room.

July 24, 2013

Iowa Mini-Sessions - 2013

I am so excited for the 3rd annual Iowa mini-sessions that I'm doing in a few weeks!  Spots are very limited and filling quickly.  It's the perfect time to get sweet family portraits to fill your frames at home and to get images for your family's holiday cards.  (Option 1 even includes a holiday card digital file that you can print as you like!)

See you soon, Iowa!  Can't wait for some portraits and a whole lot of rest and relaxation on the farm.  No traffic, no huge to do list... just lots of time hanging out, going on "animal adventures" (as my son calls them) on the golf cart, riding my beautiful horse, and doing a lot of star gazing.

Contact me for details and pricing info. at milesofsmilesphotography@yahoo.com.

4th of July Parade - 2013

I love the community that I live in, and feel so blessed to be a part of it.  It's sort of like my "small town" in a big city, which is great to have because I am still a small town girl at heart.  

This was my third year of photographing the community's 4th of July Parade.  As always, it was lots of fun!  It is fun giving back to a place that gives so much to my family.

Here are some images from the day.

July 10, 2013

The S Family {Austin Family Photographer}

I loved working with the S family again!  This is the third time I've gotten to work with this sweet little girl since she was born.

What a fun age she is, and such a lovely little lady.  She has grown up so much since I first photographed her here.  I think she was the second newborn that I ever photographed!

And don't even get me started on how much I adore her mama.  She is the one that pretty much got me to move to Austin in 2004, and is not only my friend, but a mentor and inspiration to me as well.

And you know how much I love downtown Austin in the background, so when she said she wanted some skyline shots, I happily obliged!  Enjoy a sneak peek into our morning together.

One of the things I love about portrait sessions is helping my clients bring an idea to life.  This sweet pea loves her puppy, so her mama wanted to make be sure we incorporated it into some images.  And then we created a sweet Artful Word Overlay 8x12 mounted wall print for her room to go with her as she grows.

July 09, 2013

Blaire & Vince: Engagement Session {Austin Family Photographer}

Click here for the intro. into this lovely couple.

I first met Blaire back in the day - a few years ago - when I used to coordinate the Fitness/Wellness Program (group exercise, personal training, and wellness programs) at the University of Texas.  I knew when she auditioned to be a group exercise instructor that in no time she would be an all-star.  And that certainly was true.  She rocked the house with her kickboxing classes, and was such a key part of our program when I was there.

So when it came time for her engagement pictures, I was so excited to be able to do them.  And from the very start, she and Vince were just adorable and so easy to work with!  Their love and comfort for one another just shines through in the way they talk to each other, interact, and laugh, and it was awesome to capture on camera.

I asked them how they met, and although they went to the same high school, they never really talked until they met at college.  And then they told me they were President and Vice President of the National Honor Society in high school, and STILL never really talked.  That is just too funny!  Small world, and funny how two people meant to be together end up together.

Enjoy a look into our session in downtown Austin.  Oh, how I love this colorful and unique city!  I love all of the different looks (urban, grunge, nature, capitol) that we got in their session.  Many blessings on your upcoming marriage, Blaire and Vince!  Thank you for letting me capture sweet memories of your engagement.

July 05, 2013

Newborn Quin {Austin Newborn Photographer}

I cannot believe I let this slip, but in the crazy-busy fall photography season, last December, I let this blog post sit as a "draft" instead of publishing it.  But I had to post it today... even though sweet Quin is 6 months old now!

The S Family has been with me from the very beginning of my photography business, and I think in the last almost 3 years, we've worked together 5 times.  I love watching their sweet girls grow, and my little boy has a big crush on Miss Gia!

Enjoy a look at the sweetness that Quin was.  I know her mama is enjoying the pretty canvas wall display we worked together to create, as well as the adorable album  and prints.

July 01, 2013

Unique Print Size: 10x20

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is sitting down with my clients and designing the perfect customized art pieces for their home.  One of my favorite print sizes right now is a 10x20.  It looks so great in a framed print, with a collage print in a boutique frame, or in a canvas gallery wrap!  I just love the unique size of these (definitely not something that everyone already has) and how they look in frame and a canvas gallery wrap!

10x20 3-Image Collage in a Boutique Frame (Color: Midnight Blue)

Framed 10x20 Wall Print

10x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap