December 11, 2012

Snapshots with Santa {Austin Family Photographer}

I have to say, Snapshots with Santa is one of my favorite events each year.  For one, I absolutely love the community that I live in, and I love getting to serve the people here.  I grew up in a town of 1,200 people and I feel like my subdivision is my little "slice" of "small hometown" goodness here in this big old (but awesome) city.  Also, I love doing Santa pics because there are usually three reactions that children have... and it is hilarious to witness.

Number one reaction: The child is SO excited to meet Santa and runs right up to him, hugs him, looks him over, tells him exactly what they are hoping for this Christmas, and acts like Santa is their best bud.

Number two reaction: The child is excited but SO shy and isn't quite sure what to think about Santa, sitting on his lap, or having a picture taken with him.  This is usually calmed by Santa giving the child a candy cane, and usually, a small smile appears in time for me to snap a portrait of it.

Number three reaction: Sheer and utter fear.  Santa is such a nice man... I love getting to work with him each year at this time.  But Santa doesn't love when parents shove a screaming baby onto his lap.  So we work together... Santa and me... as a team, to make sure the children who are super scared get a little distance and comfort while they visit Santa man.

My kids had a great reaction to Santa this year.  Miles ran right up to him this year (unlike last year), and little Avah didn't even realize she was on his lap, because she was too busy focusing on Mommy taking pictures of her.  :)  

Here is a tiny little peek into my day with Santa.  It was wonderful serving the adorable children and families here in my "hometown subdivision," and I am already looking forward to Snapshots with Santa in 2013!