April 22, 2015

Giving Back: Easter Bunny Photos - 2015

One of my goals for my Miles of Smiles Photography business is no matter how busy I get, to always do little things to give back to the Austin community and the families and neighborhood that I live in.

I think this was my third year of doing Easter Bunny photos in my neighborhood for their annual Easter Egg Hung event.  And every year, it gets more and more fun.  (As do the Santa pictures I do with the kiddos in December.  That is always a hoot!)

Here are some cute shots from our morning.  Just like the Santa event, there are usually three reactions from the children in meeting the Easter Bunny, which always keeps things interesting.

1) Total excitement
2) A little apprehensive
3) "Mommy - do NOT set me on his lap!" Fear.

Thanks to the HOA for putting on such fun family events for all of us each year.  Blessed to live here!